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[edit] About Donation Application

The aim of this software is to help people who belong to an NGO, which is working to help out disabled people by providing them aid in the form of money as loans which they can pay at a later stage. This application is directed towards creating a communication link between the donor and the beneficiary by providing them their respective tables and linking them through a table containing common information.

[edit] Implementation

The database for this system would consists of three tables:

  1. Beneficiary table
  2. Donor table
  3. Donation table
[edit] Beneficiary Table

The main motive of maintaining this table is to keep a track of all the beneficiaries as the amount given to the benefitiaries is not given away money but a loan so all details of benefitiary is available to the company. This table incorporates the basic details like beneficiary's name, address, contact number, money requirement and received. User is given the options of adding new record, deleting, modifying and searching for an existing one.

[edit] Donor Table

Since company itself cannot pool in so much of money that can address their vision on a big scale,The company looks out for people who donate money to the organization.The company needs to keep a record of every donor so as they can be informed /invited about/for special purposes. User is given the options of adding new record, deleting, modifying and searching for an existing one.

[edit] Donation Table

The donor is being constantly informed where his piece of money is being used to,in order to keep things on track .The table “donation” is implemented so that a relationship between donor and benefitiary can be maintained. User is again given the options of adding new record, deleting, modifying and searching for an existing one.

[edit] User Interface

File:Welcome_screen.jpg File:Options.jpg

Entering the details of a record in the donor table, beneficiary table and donation table. User is asked the basic information after which he is asked to confirm

File:Donor.jpg File:Inside.jpg File:Donation.jpg

Following screenshots depict the various tasks that can be performed. Screenshots are presented for Donor table here, though they are similar for Beneficiary as well as Donation tables.

File:Delete.jpg File:Edit.jpg File:Search.jpg

[edit] Functionality

Below is mentioned how the application works:

When a new donor comes first he has to register himself.i.e.Insert details of the donor. Similarly when a new beneficiary comes he’ll have to register himself and also enter here the amount of money the beneficiary wants.

Everytime a donor donates money, a new record must be added to the donation table mentioning the beneficiary_id of the beneficiary who is getting the aid and the amount the donor is donating along with other required fields of the donation table.

The field total_amount_donated gets automatically updated according to the amount donated by the donor to various beneficiaries. Similarly the amount_received field of Beneficiary also gets automatically updated from the donations received by the benefitiary.

If a Beneficiary returns money then update the status field of the donation table by going to the modify option for benefitiary.