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[edit] Overview

Digital Literacy Project (DigiLit) is a non-profit and officially recognized student organization of Harvard College that promotes digital literacy for teachers and students around the globe. The organization aims to integrate the XO laptop, a low-cost laptop designed for children by One Laptop per Child, into the classroom by developing training and curriculum resources that support sustainable technology practices. DigiLit has already raised funds for and initiated three XO laptop pilot programs: Nicaraguan Deaf Association (Managua, Nicaragua), Mission Hill After-School Program (Boston, MA), and the Cambridge Friends School (Cambridge, MA). In addition to launching laptop pilots and developing curriculum and training resources, DigiLit has conducted research on the XO's effects on classroom dynamics. The overall goal is to seamlessly integrate the XO into classrooms so that, rather than being an extension of existing pedagogies, the XO becomes a tool for realizing creative potential.

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[edit] Laptop Pilots

[edit] Nicaraguan Deaf Association

File:DigiLit in Nicaragua 1.jpg

A team of seven from the Digital Literacy Project went to Managua, Nicaragua for two weeks in January to set up a computer lab with 10 XO laptops and teach computer classes for deaf students at the Nicaraguan Deaf Association (AsociaciĆ³n Nacional de Sordos de Nicaragua, known as ANSNIC).

[edit] Mission Hill School After-School Program

File:DigiLit at Mission Hill.jpg

The Mission Hill After-School Program (MHASP) pilot is a joint venture with the MHASP at Harvard College's Phillips Brooks House Association. The goals of the pilot are to integrate the XO into the program's "Green Group" (ages 7-9) curriculum and to help students become familiar with computers and the XO laptop. Students work with college student tutors to complete homework assignments and activities on the XO.

[edit] Cambridge Friends School

File:DigiLit at CFS.JPG

Since September, DigiLit volunteers have been hosting XO laptop workshops for 4th grade teachers Mellisha Culpepper and Katie Marion. Students started using XOs in class in early November for online research, word processing, and memory game activities.

As part of the 4th grade pilot, students tested SocialCalc, an open-source spreadsheet activity developed by SEETA. Twenty-three 4th graders gave survey-based feedback after participating in three social studies activities that utilized SocialCalc. Student feedback, in the form of Likert scale ratings and drawings, was given to SocialCalc developers. Results suggest that 4th graders wanted more feedback from the program when they made mistakes and more control over visual aspects of graphs, such as colors and fonts.

The 4th grade teachers are currently working with DigiLit volunteers to continue building curriculum. Recent work includes using Memorize to make memory games that test knowledge of state capitals, as well as an introduction to TurtleArt.

[edit] Leadership Team

Katelyn Foley Co-Chairman
MacKenzie Sigalos Co-Chairman
Tony Fazio Co-President
Melissa Oppenheim Co-President
Tiffany Au Vice-President
Donnarae Wade Education Adviser
Ken Li Education Chair
Steve Anastos International Pilots Chair
Spencer Chan Marketing Chair
Tom Buckley Technology Co-Chair
Ellen Farber Technology Co-Chair
Nick Doiron Curriculum Designer
Shin Nee Wong Education Associate